Research activities in which Renewable Energy System (R.E.S.) Lab is involved either as contractor or as partner:

  1. Solar Radiation prediction, monitoring and studies of climatic change
  2. Performance maximization of PV cells, modules and arrays
  3. PV ageing factors, impact to power output; diagnostics
  4. Power performance of PV/T systems under steady and transient state
  5. Power performance of PV cells at steady state and transient conditions in low to medium concentration ratio values
  6. Integration of solar technologies to Building envelopes
  7. Zero energy buildings & intelligent energy buildings equipped with sensors and software to predict hourly the power delivery
  8. Nano-coatings, (spectral selective coatings), on PV glass and building elements, to enhance power performance
  9. Design and performance of hybrid systems
  10. Intelligent applications of RES technologies to the Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic sectors



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