The meteo station of RES Laboratory is equipped with the following measuring instruments:

- Kipp & Zonen pyranometers: CM6B with shadow ring and CM11.

- R.M. Young wind sensor; model 05305

- Humidity and Ambient Temperature sensor MP101A.

- Casella tipping bucket rain gauge.

Data are collected via means of a datalogger in order to provide all useful quantities for solar engineering projects in the field.


DSC08096 DSC08094 DSC08070 DSC08066 DSC08063






Meteo data are stored and analyzed for research projects, especially for the prediction of global solar radiation on an hourly basis.

The R.E.S. Laboratory is equipped with 5 more pyranometers available for measuring and monitoring solar radiation on various PV arrays.


Meteo Station data collection and analysis Staff:

Prof. S. Kaplanis

Dr. E. Kaplani

Mr E. Petrakis

Mr J. Kalintiris


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