MSc Teaching Staff


MSc course Director: Prof. S. Kaplanis

   Solar Radiation, Solar thermal engineering, flat plate collectors

   and concentrating   collectors, Inteligent energy buildings, PV systems engineering

Prof. E. Stathatos

   PV cells, physics and engineering of new materials, organic and dye sensitized cells,

   nano-technology and advanced applications in buildings

Dr G. Barakos, Emeritus Professor

   Concentrating solar collectors, performance and simulation

Prof. A. Yiannopoulos

   Energy systems, energy generation and management

Prof. J. Boviatsis

   Thermal performance of buildings, thermal comfort

Ass. Prof. D. Roubien

   Passive solar buidings, bio-climatic buildings, thermal comfort issues

Ass. Prof. G. Panagopoulos


Dr E. Kaplani

   Solar radiation measurements and prediction,

   PV systems, measurements and simulation, PV ageing and performance degradation, PV sizing methodologies,

   Intelligent Energy Buildings, hybrid systems, sizing and simulation of solar collector systems.

Dr D. Panagiotaras

   Biomass systems, Sustainable environment


Invited Professors

Prof. V. Benda, Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

   Physics of PV cells and PV technologies and PV+Thermal systems

Prof. M. Dassisti, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

   Sustainable environment; recycling and recyclability of PV materials

Prof. P. Kadar, Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary

   Wind energy, turbines and technology

Prof. P. Borza, Transilvania University in Brasov, Romania

   Intelligent control, management and optimization of PV and hybrid systems

Dr D. Cotfas, Transilvania University in Brasov, Romania

   I-V measuring devices, techniques and analysis

Dr S. Alexopoulos, University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany

   Biomass, co-generation and tri-generation systems, applications in Agriculture,

Prof. A. Argyriou, University of Patras

   Solar Cooling, Thermal comfort in buildings, Simuation technics and special software. Applications


Technical Staff

    Mr. E. Petrakis

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