1. An MSc course is offered in English by the TEI of Western Greece: 

MSc in Renewable Energy Systems

with specialization in :

  1. PV Systems, Wind Energy, Solar Thermal Engineering
  2. Zero Energy Buildings, Passive Solar Buildings, Bioclimatic Buildings


An international body of invited professors give specialized lectures in the modules which make up this 2 year course

Remarks :

  1. ERASMUS and M.O.Y. grants to MSc students are possible
  2. The MSc project may be carried out at a University or Research Centre or a high tech. enterprise according to the scheme of collaboration



2. Ph.D. in topics related to Renewable Energy Systems

3. Participation in research projects in R.E.S. technologies, photovoltaic systems, hybrid systems, intelligent energy buildings, nanotechnology for energy savings, high efficiency storage, H2 


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