MSc in R.E.S



Meteo  Station



Summer  School


1.- An MSc course  in
Renewable Energy Systems is offered in English by the TEI of Western Greece

with specialization in:

a.   PV Systems, Wind Energy, Solar Thermal Engineering

b.   Zero Energy Buildings, Passive Solar Buildings, Bioclimatic Buildings



2. Opportunity for Ph.D. in topics related to Renewable Energy Systems

3.    Participation in research projects in R.E.S. technologies, photovoltaic systems, hybrid systems, intelligent energy buildings, nanotechnology for energy savings, high efficiency storage, H2


MSc course in
with specialization in:

1.  PV Systems, Wind Energy, Solar Thermal Engineering

2.  Zero Energy Buildings, Passive Solar Buildings,
Bioclimatic Building


The TEI of Western Greece, Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an accredited
International MSc Course in Renewable Energy Systems, and invites those who are interested to apply.


Director of Studies:


Prof. Socrates Kaplanis


Duration: 2 years including dissertation


Course Location: TEI Western Greece and at a partner University for 1-2 semesters, under ERASMUS mobility grant or through a M.O.Y. grant. M.O.Y which stands for the
Mediterranean Office for Youth has labeled this MSc course.



The meteo station of RES laboratory is equipped with measuring instruments for the collection and monitoring of meteo data including the global and diffuse solar radiation intensity, ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind velocity and wind direction, and percipitation.

Meteo data are collected via means of a datalogger, stored and analyzed for reasearch projects.

Data are displayed online through this site.




Innovation Week

July 1-10, 2013 Patras, Greece 

The T.E.I. of Western Greece with other partner Universities and Social partners

Organize an International Event: The Innovation Week on R.E.S.

10 Days Intensive Learning & Exhibition of Innovation

on PV Systems Engineering & the other Renewable Energy Systems

through the Entrepreneurship spirit

T.E.I. of Western Greece Unit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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